BREAKAWAYS RC is an AMA Motorcycle Riding Club with a unique and diverse membership

General Disclaimer:  By being accepted as a member of the BREAKAWAYS RIDING CLUB, you agree that you will follow all club riding rules, processes and procedures, refrain from any illegal activity, and that you participate in club activities solely by choice and participation itself relinquishes any responsibility of the BREAKAWAYS RIDING CLUB, its officers or members, for any and all liabilities resulting from participation in any club-related event or activity. Any personal injury or property damage resulting from a club activity, or at any time, becomes the responsibility of the individual parties involved, and at no time shall the BREAKAWAYS RIDING CLUB be held liable. Club Officers will have the final say on full membership acceptance after your sixth ride is completed and can be revoked at any time and for any reason if the Officers feel it is in the best interest of the club.



Michael “Magic Mike” Scalf &
Cheri “Teacher” Scalf

President & First Lady/Secretary

Emanuel "Vee" Vomvas
a.k.a. Guy Sparkle

Vice President

Tim "Shredder" Hill &
Kristie "Roadie" Hill


Sergio Perez

Ride Assistant

Alicia "Tiny Dancer" Heusdain

Former Vice President, Forever in our Hearts

Kelvin "Special K" Manning

Ride Assistant

Bryan “Penguin” Hodges

Sgt. At Arms

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